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IronLockUp – The psychological journey

Another fresh week and time for you to enjoy a little treat today. This fine week we have a ironlockup videos update that’s sure to be to your liking guys. This time we have a green horn here and the masters got together to put on a special show just for him. They planned to take him on quite the psychedelic trip today as they went full force for his treatment to show him how naughty guys get punished if they screw up. It had everything. This poor straight guy getting bound in chains and having a mask on his face for some sensory depravation, and also a electric current machine.

sex slaves in electric tortureAs the iron lockup cameras start rolling the show begins with him. And like we said he was bombarded by all this specially harsh treatment to break him in to the group. Watch him as all the masters also gang up on him to force him to blow his load jerking on his cock as he gets the special treatment. We said that we’d bring you the best content on the net regarding hard style bondage and sex and we say that we kept that promise. All you have to do is to continue to enjoy the scenes guys!

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